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May 23 2018


truly impressive how d&d persuades so many people to willingly participate in both math AND improv, two things that most of the population goes out of their way to avoid






i just think the world would be a better place if we would all take a bit of time to examine how we personally interact with stories

I, for one, am a complex network of interconnected stories stored on a meat based drive.

that is quite possibly the most terrifying way of describing a human but honestly same

That’s not scary. What’s scary is that you’re a ghost and a skeleton working together to Pilot fleshy power armor made by your mother

You know, I expected to regret making this post for entirely different reasons than I actually regret making this post.



I like the idea that Lucretia started a family, she just chose not to tell the THB or introduce them to each other because it was hard for her to get close to people who don’t remember her

After they get their memories back it’s no longer an issue but Lucretia just fucking forgot

And so she assumes they all met at some point and the gang just thinks Lucretia prefers being a bachelorette so they don’t say anything, and Lucretia’s still a little reclusive so this goes on longer than you’d reasonably expect it to

But one day they’re all at dinner together and she says “I won’t be coming next Thursday, my wife will be furious if I miss one of our daughters’ recitals”

Pandemonium. Pandemonium at that table.

Magnus: “Your WHAT???”

Lucretia: “Oh, pardon me” *clears throat*

Lucretia in a Borat impression: “MY WIFE”

Magnus: “Very impressive, but WHAT????”



I’ve been seeing a lot of people bitch about Uraraka and demonize her cuz of this scene:

I’ve seen people say “She’s a failure of a female lead character”  or “She should’ve been there to support Deku” and I don’t see what the problem with her saying this is??? She was trying to be level-headed and reasonable. She considered the situation at hand;

U.A was attacked by villains, people already believe that they’re incapable of securing the safety of their students, anyone with half a brain would know that going out to save Bakugou when the pro’s were going out to save him already would make things WORSE.

In fact, if the public knew about the U.A students encountering villains right after an attack, if they knew about Izuku and the others forming a Bakugou-protection-squad it would’ve been VERY BAD.

Sorry but, if my friend was brutally injured and sitting on a hospital bed, I wouldn’t want them to go out and jump into danger again, I’d do everything in my power to make them stay.

And the funny thing about this is, if she DID go, I’m 100% people would use that as an excuse to call Uraraka an annoying love interest who always wants to follow Deku all over the place.

When she does wanna be with Deku, she’s seen as a satellite love interest.

When she doesn’t wanna be with him, she’s seen as a failure of a main female lead… Make up your damn minds people!

Izuku hadn’t even thought of rescuing Bakugou until Kirishima mentioned it. Kirishima, Todoroki and Izuku were the only ones who wanted to save him, NO ONE ELSE. It’s not like they didn’t care of course, they just wanted to avoid trouble at all costs, the entire class felt this way.

Shouji was there when everything happened, he said he was frustrated but he still didn’t want to break the rules.

I get it, we all want Uraraka to be a fighter, we want her to kick ass and have screen time. It sucks that we haven’t gotten anything relevant from her for a really long time now. But sheesh, she’s like the only female character that receives constant backlash and it’s getting really annoying.

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My friend Rachel got married and 8 of her 9 bridesmaids were cymbal players. 

New Seasons Photography

I think my favorite one is the girl at the end holding mini cymbals looking confused as heck.

that’s the one person who didn’t plaly them hah

I love this so hard.

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or is it

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This is how you play a wizard.

Professionals have standards. Be polite. Be efficient. Have a plan to kill everyone you meet.











“did chris evans actually jump that high to grab onto that helicopter in civil war?”

friendly reminder that chris vaulted with ease over chris pratt after just telling him less than a minute before that he would be able to clear him if he only put his head down.

I want a Celebrity Obstacle Course show where all the pretty people can show off their hard stunt work for us and also occasionally eat it, because they need to be humbled sometimes. The judges would be career stunt people, to give them visibility, because they work even harder. Shirts optional.

You wouldn’t even finish the phrase “Celebrity Ninja Warrior” before Chris would start jumping up and doing yelling “Me! Me! Pick me!”

Anyone know how to contact Netflix about this?

friendly reminder Chris did most of his stunts bc the stunt guys couldn’t move like him.

One thing we found, too, is Chris can run very fast. He also has a very unique run. It’s almost a dancer’s run. And when we tried to double him for running, there was nobody who could run like him. They just didn’t have the same dynamics or the way he moves. He had to end up doing most of his running.”

What we also found, is that we had gymnasts come in to do things, and Chris could do the same stuff that they could do, but it would look like Chris Evans. When the body doubles or the gymnasts or the runners did it, it just didn’t look like him. He has such a unique way of moving, and he could pretty much do all of his own physical stuff that wasn’t dangerous. Like this shot right here, we had a gymnast do this, and Chris actually ended up doing it better. That’s Chris here. He hops up on a tank and over a 12-foot wall. It looks effortless but it’s not that easy!”

“Chris worked his butt off for four months doing gymnastics and stunt training so in a scene like this he could go toe-to-toe with Georges St-Pierre and make it look really credible. Once the helmet comes off, 95% of that is Chris, except obviously for that massive aerial kick that he does. I think he did a fantastic job.”

gifs and commentary (blu-ray) above from @sherloques Rehearsal above from @dailymarvel

The really cool thing about Chris Evans is that he’s a super talented, athletic guy. He retains things amazingly well. I mean, I’m blown away. I can show him a 15-punch fight two times, and he’s got it. - Thomas Harper, Stunt Coordinator, CATWS

gifs & commentary from @bealeeve-me

gifs from @aguaman 

*happy sigh*




Good morning tumblr, Who are we stanning today??

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Rainbow Candy!







shoutouts to all my pokemon ruby fans who’ve never experienced the joy of the heavy rain music because oh my god the drought music is horrifying

just for comparison if you’ve never heard the other weather theme before, here you go

why does Sapphire’s match the sort of sound that Hoenn’s music usually has

but Ruby’s sounds like a gen 1 Lavender Town creepypasta

what the hell is this honestly 

ORAS did a really good job of keeping the Drought theme ominous as all hell imo

Someone remixed the two and honestly

it is awesome and ominous af

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lol they literally wanna try and ban everything but the fucking gun - a book bag is a basic school necessity wtf

This country is one big shithole full of idiots.










oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no

this is exactly why the pedo community on the internet needs to crash and burn cause you know all of these poor kids are being actively groomed by people who have fooled them into thinking theyre oppressed and thats absolutely fucking terrifying

burn all pedos and their communities. This is disgusting

@ my followers; i have heard a lot of things about this. do not follow or interact with anyone who has the word “MAP” on their profile page, especially if it says they are pro-contact- and especially if you are a minor.

one important thing to add; do not include pedophiles/maps in lgbt spaces. they do not belong there.

stay safe everyone!!!!

What exactly is a map?

map in this context stands for “minor-attracted person,” making it a flowery term for “pedophile”

Oh my god what the fuck that’s disgusting

Thank you for telling me I will be sure to never go near a map ever

I was fooled into this kind of stuff when I was a kid - pedophile support groups posing as LGBT resources. They weasel their “boylove” and “girllove” topics into LGBT spaces to intentionally deceive questioning youth into accepting their predatory bullshit.

It’s had long-lasting effects on my perceptions of sex and relationships. I don’t want any kid to ever go through anything like that, or worse.

It’s an adult responsibility to keep children safe online. Report these blogs when you find them, and if you suspect illegal activity, report that to authorities or websites like CyberTip.


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Finally a prequel to the iconic image

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SCOTUS just ruled, 5-4, in an opinion written by Neil Gorsuch, that workers no longer have the right to collectively sue their employers .Rather than being able to respond to the oppression of large employers as a collective voice (think class action lawsuits), employees will now need to arbitrate with employers “1-on’1,″ which really means “1-vs.-a giant corporation’ and will greatly diminish the ability of employees, particularly those of limited means, to seek recourse for mistreatment by their employers. This is probably the biggest blow to labor in the US this century, and represents another oligarchical push against the ability of the working classes to hold employers accountable. 

Employers getting to unilaterally decide the terms of their contracts with employees has never gone wrong before.

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50 Cent Cosplays as Cyborg for his 4yr old son’s “Teen Titans Go!” themed Birthday Party,


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